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Sunday, 11 December 2011


I usually hate Christmas. And by usually, I mean, every year I'm either sick, annoyed with my parents because they woke me up too early (seriously) OR, I get annoyed during dinner being yelled at my relatives that only have a look into my life by Facebook from cousins who live in the states. Christmas is my most hated holiday of the year, and December is the worst month (second only to February).
However, it's been a crazy year for everyone in my family. My brother was diagnosed with epilepsy at the start of 2011, after suffering two seizures. Almost a year later, they still haven't solved the problem and he's taking seven pills, twice a day, every day. Not only that, but he started high school - which what should be a great experience, hasn't turned out to be the best.
Both my parents have had struggles with their jobs. My mom took on an Acting AS5 position, which she should have finished in September. Months later, she's still working the same job, except the pay is back to what she was making as an AS4 and she's doing three different jobs. Also, the amount of effort it's taken her to deal with my brother AND be a mom, has worn her down.
My father quit his job, as I mentioned, due to a bunch of things happening over the past year and a half. His (ex)boss Sean, is probably the stupidest man I have ever met - and I haven't been formally introduced, either. For months, he would threaten my father, telling him if he didn't meet certain goals, he'd fire him. My father struggled to keep the store open for as long as he did; trying to make ends meet. It isn't a high business store, yet Sean expected him to rack in the money. This isn't Montreal, this isn't Toronto. This is Ottawa, and it was bullshit. Also, the stress of my brother, myself, and my mom all on him, I'm surprised he's still around. I'm glad he is.
My Aunt was diagnosed with Colon Cancer a couple months ago. I was told last week, she will not make it. She's dying. As you know, one of  my close friends dad passed away two months ago. My Aunt is moving in the new year, which is another reason why this Christmas/New Years is extremely important.
Of course, a lot of stuff has happened with me, and I'm looking forward to just put it all behind and restart from the ground up. I'm going back into Karate in the new year, and I'm going to buckle down and get school done. I'm also changing my diet and hopefully, the things that are going well, will keep going that way.

I work on Christmas, 9-5.
We're doing stockings in the morning before I leave, and presents after dinner. It's new for our family, usually we do it all at once, but I think doing it at night would be easier. I'll be awake and able to enjoy the company. Of course Christmas Eve isn't changing, we'll still do our PJ presents and hot chocolate.
I'm looking forward to snow, and Christmas, and New Years and I just want it all to fall together. I have presents all wrapped and ready to go and I'm just so excited. More so to see everyone else so happy. I don't care much for the presents (although, it is a nice bonus ;))
Hopefully we'll have a white Christmas and I'll be able to have my Winter Wonderland photoshoot I've been craving for all week. I know, me, wanting snow - funny.

Right now, I could care less about anything. As long as my parents and brother are happy, so am I.
It's going to be a good Christmas.

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