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Monday, 21 November 2011


So, I'm a little late in writing about this but: AHHH.
The NU2 Anime Convention was this past weekend, Nov 18-20th and it was unbelievable! It was overwhelming, and just, wow. I couldn't/didn't take any pictures, mostly because I was incredibly nervous about the whole thing and felt a little awkward going up and asking people for pictures (haha). Also, my cosplay outfit didn't come in, in time, which is fine, because I'll have it for the next one!
It was really nice being able to see that so many other people are into it as well. It was nice, because for once in a long time, I didn't feel out of place or anything. Seeing all these people dressed up as characters they enjoy and cherish, was heart warming.
Although I'm disappointed I wasn't able to participate in the cosplay portion of the convention, it was still wonderful seeing almost everyone dressed up.
I also spent wayyy too much, but it isn't something I regret :3 The one in February is looking well. My friends and I are supposed to be going - I'll be dressed up, and taking pictures for that one. I'm ubber excited.

Also, 19 days until Montreal, YAY.

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