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Saturday, 22 October 2011


OKAY. I am reaaaaally excited for the next couple months and into 2012!
So, in a little less then a month (27days or something), I'm going to an Anime convention in Ottawa with one of my extremely good friends. Now,  I was supposed to go see my best friend that weekend (the 18th of November) but him and I have always been HORRIBLE at keeping friends and I decided to kill two birds with one stone.
In February, they're holding another one (different group) in Guelph, which just so happens to be where my best friend goes to school :) Now, this happens to fall on the 25th of Feb.
The night before, (24th), my friend and I are going to see Simple Plan, live. I know, I know. Simple Plan, really? But I grew up on them - they helped me through a lot of bullshit back in elementary school and their new stuff is actually decent!
Either way, I'm really stoked, because I also have an Open House on the 3rd for the College I'm applying for and I can start getting everything I need together.
Also, I'm trying to convince my boss to put me on full time 2-10 closes (Sunday to Thursday) so I can make 40 hours a week and get MAD STACKS because I am going to be spending so much in the next couple months. I've also decided to buckle down and get school done, so on Monday I'm going in to do a couple test and get my next unit so I can work on that.
I'm taking the first week off in November so I can concentrate on everything I need to focus on, maybe get all dressed up and go have a little photoshoot with a couple friends, who knows. But right now, I'm just really excited and pumped up for life! It feels good, considering I've been feeling like shit lately and it's been starting to wear me down a huge amount.
And here I am, rambling, but no one reads this anyway so I might as well have fun :) I also ordered a bunch of stuff online, so I'm just waiting for all of that to come in. It is just great right now, I am so happy. Feels good. Looking forward to some family time tomorrow, too! Maybe I'll bring my camera and take some great shots!
Anyway, I am off to bed.
Talk to you later :)

"There was fire in those eyes."
Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward and Alfonse Elric <3

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